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2107, 2017

Paramotor equipment directly to your door.

July 21st, 2017|

We are proud to announce new service on the paramotor industry.

Direct deliver of your new equipment by expirienced pilot and mechanics.

You can order trike or paramotor and get it without moving from your home.


Expirenced pilot will show you how to assembly and run your Paraelement equipment.


napędy ppg paraelement

napędy ppg paraelement

napędy ppg paraelement

napędy ppg paraelement

1104, 2017

New titanium exhaust

April 11th, 2017|

New titanium exhaust for Polini Thor engines.

It reduces weight of the paramotor. 1,5kg is a lot.

Available as an option or aftermarket part for Paraelement Thor 190 EVO, 200 EVO and 250.

Polini tutanium exhaust

2101, 2017

Bimmer – your travel paramotor

January 21st, 2017|

We are proud to announce our all new paramotor – Paraelement Bimmer.


Very Easy to travel with it. You can order Bimmer with our new heavy duty transport case.

28HP – suitable for most pilots.

130cm Helix 2-blade propeller as standard


Napęd PPG JPX Black Devil CorsAir bimmer Paraelement


Napęd PPG JPX Black Devil CorsAir bimmer Paraelement


Napęd PPG JPX Black Devil CorsAir bimmer Paraelement


2809, 2016

Dudek Report’air in new colours: Fire & Water

September 28th, 2016|

reportair ppg wing Dudek Report’air reportair ppg wing Dudek Report’air reportair ppg wing Dudek Report’air reportair ppg wing Dudek Report’air reportair ppg wing Dudek Report’air reportair ppg wing Dudek Report’air reportair ppg wing Dudek Report’air reportair ppg wing Dudek Report’air reportair ppg wing Dudek Report’air

1807, 2016

Polish National PPG Championships – Serock 2016

July 18th, 2016|

We had great event last week – Paramotor Polish Championships

26 pilots and crews took part in this contest – half of them were flying Paraelement paramotors and trikes.


Some of them achieved best results:

PF1 class:

  1. Paweł Kozarzewski – Paraelement Thor 250 AMS
  2. Andrzej Bury
  3. Marcin Bernat

PL1 class:

  1. Wojciech Bógdał
  2. Krzysztof Romicki – Paraelement Spyder Compact Sport
  3. Tomasz Dembczyński

Tandem class

  1. Andrzej Malkusz / Adrianna Malkusz – Paraelement Spyder Thor 250
  2. Norbert Nowicki / Grzegorz Roszkowski
  3. Dawid Matuszczyk / Bartłomiej Żurek – Paraelement Spyder Thor 250


We would like to congratulate to all competitors from Paraelement Team

Some  cute photos shared by  Tomek Szostak – www.dyziek.com


13603358_679349822218935_5253577370791589553_o 13603819_679349365552314_13917748017569024_o 13613343_679348872219030_3488820394713767446_o 13613610_679349368885647_5929706505273954795_o 13613661_679349868885597_6244700104529337127_o 13661902_679349638885620_8654995470512158192_ostęp




1904, 2016

Zupełnie nowy napęd Paraelement Thor 80

April 19th, 2016|

Nowy napęd Paraelement Thor 80

Zaprojektowaliśmy najlżejszą ramę do silnika Polini Thor 80

Tak wspaniały silnik, jakim jest Thor 80, powinien być dostępny z bardzo lekką ramą. Brak wibracji i najwyższa kultura pracy pozwalają na zastosowanie wyjątkowo lekkich materiałów.

Dostępny w wersji z podwieszeniem AMS lub górnym.


Paraelement Thor 80 jest jednym z najfajniejszych napędów na rynku.














1104, 2016

Light engines desires light frames

April 11th, 2016|

We are proud to introduce new version of Paraelement Thor 190 Light paramotor.

Polini Thor 190 is one of the lightest engines on the market, with true 27HP is extraordinary light. Motor like Thor 190 should be available with ultralight frame.

We designed new frame, especially for Thor 190 Light.

Weight of the frame and cage is 3250g only.

This paramotor is available with two versions of suspension – AMS (Active Moving Suspension) or High hook points and J-bars.

And it is beautiful:

Paraelement Thor 190 Light

604, 2016

Largest flight banner is available for you

April 6th, 2016|

Aerial Advertising is a highly visible medium.

We offer largest flying banner towed by powered paraglider.

Your custom designed aerial banner can be flown over beaches, sporting events, lakes, parades, fairs, rush hour traffic and we fly in good weather only!

Our experienced staff give you opportunity to show your message or logo to thousands of people.


1902, 2016

PARAELEMENT at Thermik Messe

February 19th, 2016|

PARAELEMENT at Thermik Messe

Together with our german and austrian distrubutor we will be present at Thermik Messe – 27th February in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart.

We will annouce all new product during this event.

See you in Germany

1502, 2016

Paweł Ścieranka joined Paraelement

February 15th, 2016|

We are proud to announce that Paweł Ścieranka joined Paraelement team and that he is full-time employee of our company.

Paul is a paramotor and paragliding pilot since 2012 and during that time he didn’t loose even one flying day. He flies paramotor and paramotor trike, also as a tandem pilot. Paul has high ski skills and he combines paragliding and skiing – speed-flying, speed-riding, hike & fly and very new sport – snow gliding.

Paul graduaded from Rzeszów Institute of Technology and holds master degree in engineering. He headed the construction of the Świętokrzyski Bridge in Warsaw and motorway bridge in Toruń. He came to Paraelement from Budimex – the largest biulding company in Poland, where he was a manager responsible for tenders for the construction of road and highways.

In Our company Paul is responsible for the technical documentation, certificates and execution of orders.

You can also meet Paul every day at the aifield.


1109, 2015

Used Gear for sale

September 11th, 2015|

As usualy after summer, we have some used equipment for sale:

1. Dudek Nemo 2 XL Black-Red (Elementeam) ‘2014. €1300

2. Trike: Paraelement Spyder with JPX Black Devil, electric start. €4250

3. Paramotor: Paraelement JPX Black Devil M25Y, electric starter. €2500

4. Paramotor: Paraelement SNAP 100 EGO, 90hours, warranty. €2375

5. Trike tandem: Paraelement Cargo with Fresh Breeze Monster – Hirth F33. €4250

6. PPG Paraglider: Dudek Snake 16 ‚2014 like new, only 20h – €1850

7. Dudek Snake XX 22 Earth – like new – only 2hours of flight time – €2500

8. Windtech EVO 27 – €750

1708, 2015

PPG Czech Champion – Milan Klement joined Paraelement Team

August 17th, 2015|

We are proud to announce that current Czech Champion joined Our Paraelement Racing Team (Elementeam).

Milan is the top Czech paramotor pilot, he achieved best result among Czech Team during European Paramotor Slalom Championships 2014 and World Paramotor Slalom Championships 2015.

Milan flies Paraelement Thor 250 paramotor with AMS (Active Moving Suspension) and Dudek Snake XX 18 in Paraelement team colours.


Milan will also represent Czech Republic during World Air Games in Dubai late November this year.

We hope that We have just started very good cooperation.

milan milan-2 milan-3 milan-4 milan-5

508, 2015

Polish National Championships – Gold Medal

August 5th, 2015|

Polish National PPG Championships & Polish National Slalom PPG Championships
Rudniki – Częstochowa

Pilots flying Paraelement paramotors and trikes achieved spectacular succes.

Paweł Kozarzewski won in PF1 class.
Piotr Ficek got two silver medals – both in classic and slalom polish nationals.

Piotr Geło got bronze medal in classic and silver in slalom championships. Krzysztof Romicki achieved bronze medal in slaloms.

We would like to congratulate and thank to all team members: Dariusz Brzostowicz with Przemysław Gołoś, Piotr Ficek, Piotr Geło, Andrzej Kalestyński wirh Małgorzata Ponichtera, Paweł Kozarzewski, Marcin Krakowiak, Andrzej Malkusz, Wojciech Panas, Krzysztof Romicki.

Six medals, including the most important – gold in PF1.

1 10 11 12 13

2804, 2015

Nucleon XX is now available

April 28th, 2015|

Nucleon XX it is yet another piece in a long line of classic reflex paragliders, from Traper through Action and ReAction, up to Nucleon and Nucleon WRC.